Monday, March 28, 2011

There's one down.

My statistical economics test was extremely easy.  It does help though that the teacher lets us have a full sheet of notes with whatever the hell you want on em.  So four chapters worth of material and examples later, I should be getting an A.  The next few hours will be used to study for my management test tomorrow.  80 questions of multiple choice is an absolute hell.  I've just gotta try and hopefully memorize some of the more important terms that we covered in five chapters...

And as I've hinted to in previous posts, Monday means there's night class.  What I get to look forward to tonight is a minute long scene from a play featuring myself and Aaron the Mexican.  It should be an absolute blast!...


  1. sounds like youve got your shit down and pat good luck on your next test!

  2. Thats nice of the teacher to let you have notes like that, non of my professors let us off that easy.