Sunday, March 27, 2011

Congrats VCU!

Once again, another great game on today.  Definitely wasn't as close as the Butler game yesterday, but still just as intense and entertaining.  I'm still rather surprised that I've been watching as much of the Tournament as I have considering I'm not that big of a fan and the Gophers decided to suck it up this season.

In other news, my homework is all done.  I just have to get some more studying done for my two tests in the next two days.  And that stupid night class...  I'm definitely not a fan of having to sit through 4 hours of THEATRE CLASS LECTURES............  Stupid fine arts credit, I mean who really needs to know this stuff??

Done with this post, Kentucky and UNC game is about to start.


  1. why do night classes always last 3-4 hours? By the time you get out, you feel like a zombie. I've been through it many times (guess if i really care i shouldnt sign up lol)