Sunday, April 3, 2011


Wasn't really in too much of a blogging mood these past couple days.  Not that I wasn't pissing away most of my weekend in front of my computer (which I was).  Here's a few things that I've noticed.

The Minnesota Twins got off to a rough start.  Losing two of three against Toronto wasn't bad, it's just the way we lost the games that was the troubling part.  13-3 on Friday (Rebecca Black song gets in my head every time I see that word), and 6-1 on Saturday.  Starting pitching was awful with the exception of Nick Blackburn today, and relief pitching wasn't much better.  Joe Nathan proved that he isn't as dominant as he once was before his Tommy John surgery.  His fastball has lost its velocity and his slider cannot be located correctly to save his life.  But hey, there's still 159 more games to prove me wrong...

And the new anime season has started.  I'm not sure how many people watch anime, but regardless, I'm a little bit excited.  I'll probably watch a good amount of the shows' first episodes to see which are the "keepers". 


  1. Heres hoping there are a lot of keepers this season

  2. The Minnesota Twins will do fine

  3. why did you mention that song D:
    our weekends were quite similar you know haha

  4. i like your blog. keep up the good work